Post-Practice Interviews with Coach Barto

Training camp officially ends Saturday, but with an off day scheduled tomorrow the team ran through their final camp practice Friday with a spirited 40-play scrimmage.  The final roster must be set by Saturday, so after practice coach Barto spoke about the improvement his team has made during training camp and the difficult job of letting players go.

Barto Camp Day 14

Day 13 of training camp focused on the mental side of things with a scrimmage looming Friday that will help determine the final roster.  Barto shares his thoughts on the practice and looks forward to the scrimmage.

Barto Camp Day 13

Another day of training camp is in the books.  Coach Barto talks about his thoughts on the team’s performance in the scrimmage against Milwaukee over the weekend and the improvement shown by the quarterbacks.

Barto Camp Day 12

The Command scheduled a practice against Milwaukee in the Quad Cities for Sunday.  Coach Barto explains to Nick McCabe what he expects the team to learn from the trip after Friday’s practice.

Barto Camp Day 7

Wednesday was Day 5 of training camp.  Coach Barto spoke with Nick McCabe about standouts so far on the offensive and defensive lines.

Barto Camp Day 5

Tuesday marked the first day the Command could practice in pads.  It was a spirited day of practice that included 30 scrimmage plays.  It was also the first practice for Command receiver Samie Parker.  Nick McCabe got the post-practice thoughts of Coach Danton Barto.

Barto Camp Day 4

Nick McCabe caught up with Coach Danton Barto to get his thoughts after Day 3 of 2012 Training Camp.

Barto Camp Day 3

Nick McCabe, the voice of the Kansas City Command, interviewed Coach Danton Barto after the first two practices of Training Camp were completed Saturday.

Barto Camp Day 1






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