Q&A with Richard Washington

For this edition of the Command Center, Arena Bowl XXIV Champion Richard Washington took the time to give us some insight about playing in the Arena Football League.

Q: How has the season been going for you personally?

Not as good as I expected but I’m working to get better.

Q: Last year you won Arena Bowl XXIV with the Jacksonville Sharks. How that experience and what was the one memory that stands out the most to you?

It was an awesome experience.  It was packed with fans and best memory was the last play of the game. If you haven’t seen it you need to. It is football at its best.

Q: Before transferring to Clark Atlanta, he played alongside current Baltimore Ravens starting quarterback Joe Flacco at the University of Delaware. How was that experience and did you see the potential in him back then to succeed at the NFL level?

Well at the time when I first saw him I thought, man , this guy looks like a Defensive End. But from 7 on 7′s he would launch that football 70 yards easily. At that point I knew he was going to have success.

Q: You made your pro debut for the Atlanta Falcons in 2009, how was that experience and what was one memory from that you will never forget?

It was a great tease! Leaving you wanting more. Lol But it was a great experience and teacher to know what to expect for my next NFL opportunity.

Q: After your time in Atlanta, you played for the Indoor Football League’s Arkansas Diamonds under Command head coach Danton Barto the following year. What was that transition like for you?

It was crazy,  I was like,  it’s football but Indoors.. Do I need cleats? Wait there is only 8 guys on the field? LOL,  but I soon adjusted and enjoy this game.

Q: Obviously you played for Coach Barto before this year, so what is one of the reasons you enjoy playing for him?

He knows this game.. He will always give you the tools to be successful and more importantly he cares about his players ..even help them advance to the next level (NFL).

Q: Out of your teammates, which one would you say is the vocal leader of the team?

Diyral Briggs … This guy will make you believe you can fly, and I’m not talking southwest.

Q: What are some of your hobbies and thing you like to do in your free time?

I watch tons and tons of movies, play call of duty (ps3), tell jokes on twitter @rwashington92 and absolutely love playing with my kids.

Q: Who would say is your biggest role model and why?

My Dad… He’s been hard on me and I never understood why until I became the man I am today. Thanks Richard C Washington SR.

Q: What is one interesting fact about yourself that most people don’t know?

I am , and I mean this from the bottom of my heart ridiculously uncontrollably unpredictably hilarious and when I’m done with football I will be an actor or comedian. 

The Command Center focuses on getting to know the players, coaches, and owners and allowing the fans to learn more about these tremendous individuals. It is authored by Tyler Derby, a diehard fan of the Kansas City Command going back to its Brigade days who has followed the Arena Football League for years. It is written by a fan for the fans!!

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