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Christian Wise



AFL Experience:

4 Years






Woodland Hills, Ca


Clark Atlanta University


Mass Media



Hobbies and interests:

Track & Field, Acting, Modeling, Dance, Bowling, Electronics

Proudest Accomplishment:

Winning my high school state championship in football & back 2 back track & field championship in the la city with Birmingham high school (lake balboa) in 01-03

College/Career Highlights:

number one ranked defense in the nation in division II (Clark Atlanta) 06-07

Personal Info:

Christian was born in New York City, but grew up in Los Angeles. His parents are both in the entertainment industry; his father, a casting director and producer, his mother a talent manager after a career as a choreographer, actress, and stunt woman. With these rootes, it didn’t take Christian long to follow in his parents’ footsteps. He trained in dancing, acting, and modeling, all while participating in athletic endevors with a focus on track and field events (sprinting and jumping events). Blessed with all these talents, he chose to pursue a dream of playing in the NFL.

Christian is an avid user of Twitter and social media. You can follow him @ChristianWi5e. He’s currently working on a website for KC Command and AFL fans alike, and in his spare time still modeling and acting. You can see him in the videos for Pink’s “Raise Your Glass” and Avril Levigne’s “What the Hell” (soon to be released). Christian is also working on developing a reality show involving his football career, lifestyle, and family of a “non-Multimillionare athlete” to help others on a similar journey.

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