Pepsi Max Runway

Pepsi Maxx Runway

Pepsi Max Runway – Official Mascot of the KC Command


Growing up in the rolling hills and waves of amber grain of Western Kansas, Max Runway dreamed of flying above it all and seeing what laid beyond the horizon.

After working summers as a crop duster, Captain Max enrolled himself in the Air Force’s Top Gun academy, where he earned the call sign ‘Pepsi’. Captain ‘Pepsi’ Max may have looked as if he was flying recklessly to the others, but he was really, as he put it, “flying with attitude.” His reckless flying both annoys and impresses his instructors, and his top rival at Top Gun, ‘Firestar’, sees him and his methods as dangerous.


During one flight, Captain ‘Pepsi’ Max breaks off from his wingman to go one-on-one with ‘Rattlesnake’, the chief instructor. While out-flying ‘Rattlesnake’, he is still out-maneuvered by ‘Rattlesnake’ and ‘Firestar’, teaching him the values of teamwork over individual ability.

After a dramatic success by chasing off enemy fighters on his own, Captain Max is given his choice of assignments. His natural decision is to return to his roots and become the official mascot for the Kansas City Command.

In his free time, he works as the pilot for the famed archeologist Doctor Jones, flying the good doctor to lost temples, hidden Egyptian tombs and fabled landmarks. None of which he finds as thrilling as getting the Command’s fans hyped for another smash-mouth game!